Panelite M1 Amber 4 diode LED marker light w/Packard-style plug - CLEAR lens

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These are genuine original Panelite LED lights! Thanks to overwhelming demand, Optronics has resumed production of this extremely popular light with the Packard/weatherpack style plug. These are the same LED lights you've used for years and years, not a knockoff. This authentic Panelite millennium-style M1 light is one of the most popular LED lights, ever. Don't suffer the embarrassment of burned-out chicken lights any longer!

  • 4 Amber LED diodes behind a clear lens.
  • Chrome bezel included (also available separately - see related items).
  • Chrome bezel hides mounting screws.
  • 4-5/8" between mounting holes (center-to-center).
  • Flush mount style light.
  • Mounting hardware not included.
  • Hard-wired with a two-prong Packard-style plug, also known as a metripack, connected to the back of the light by a few inches of wire. Corresponding wire harness is available upon request.