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Rear Center Panels

So you finally splurged on a set of really beautiful stainless steel mudflap hangers, installed your favorite 4" round LED tail light, and now the space in between them looks just awful by comparison. No fear, the rear center panel is here! Available in 8", 12", and 14" lengths, the rear center panel is the perfect way to fill that space and add extra tail or back up lights. The rear center panel is easier to install at the same time as your mudflap hangers, but it's possible to install it later on as well. Our wide selection of light hole patterns means your truck doesn't have to look the same as everyone else's. We even have blank rear center panels for those drivers looking for a minimalist approach. Pick up a stainless steel rear center panel back as well to protect the wiring for your lights from snow, salt, and road gunk.