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"Steelie" universal cell phone dashboard holder kit

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The Steelie dashboard phone mounting kit provides a safe way for drivers to monitor incoming calls. No more reaching for the phone on the other seat, digging it out of a pocket, or watching it slide off of the dashboard and into the floor.

The dash ball can be mounted virtually anywhere, and the system can be rotated to almost an endless number of different viewing angles. The phone socket can be attached directly to your phone, or to a rigid phone case. See below for more product information and other compatible accessories.

The two components - the phone socket and dash ball - attach with strong 3M double-stick tape, and then hold to one another with magnets. Unlike flimsy clips, these magnets won't break or lose their strength. Most importantly, they'll hold, even when you inevitably hit one of those giant chugholes in the road!

As a bonus, the magnetic phone socket can be used on any convenient metal surface. For example, tool boxes, metal shelving, even household appliances! One of our favorites is the tabletop stand - see related items.

Includes phone socket, dash ball, double-stick tape, and alcohol prep pads for installation. See related items for replacement sockets. Installation instructions included. Compatible with most phones and vehicle dashes. Legal in all 50 states!

Phone not included! These magnets will not damage phones or tablets, however, do not place near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers, or computer hard drives. Empire Chrome as well as the manufacturer assume no liability for damage to such objects.

Dimensions: 1.14" x 1.06" x 1.06" | 28.24mm x 27.10mm x 27.10mm

Weight: 2.50oz | 71.00g