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Maxxima "Hybrid" Red/White 4" round 21 diode LED combo back up and stop/turn/tail light

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PLEASE NOTE: Maxxima has redesigned this light. If you are attempting to match an existing version on this light, our new stock is likely to be the newer style and will not match older generations. Contact us for more information.

If you've ever had to sacrifice one of your red tail lights for the sake of a backup light, this light is here to reward you. Each color runs on a separate plug, so you have full control over what lights up and when. The red portion of this light measures 4". The white portion acts as a flange. No rubber grommet or separate flange is needed for mounting this light.

We featured this light in Chrome Time Webisode 3.

  • This light has TWO built-in three-prong female plugs in the back.
  • 9 white diodes, 12 red diodes.
  • These lights function at 12 volts.

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