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Heavy Duty Easy Stripper 24-10 gauge

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Heavy-Duty Easy Stripper is a 5-IN-1 quick and easy way to strip & cut wire. With its precision industrial-strength construction, the Easy Stripper is one tool you can use with confidence for years to come. And its superior engineered compound leverage will let you work comfortably all day.

The Easy Stripper is unique because it AUTOMATICALLY adjusts to strip 10 to 24 gauge --- or even smaller using the micro adjust knob --- without damage to the conductors. The Easy Stripper's precision cutters make short work of any gauge wire, with a blade that is built to last. Three different crimpers let you work with insulated terminals 10 to 22 gauge, non-insulated terminals 4 to 22 gauge, and 4 to 8mm auto ignition terminals.

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