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Heat shrink, crimp, and solder seal butt connectors - select a size

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Only 3 left!
Only 3 left!
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$12.69 - $13.59
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Made in the USA with 3M heat shrink tubing. Lead free solder.

Crimp and Solder Seal terminals feature a band of solder above the connection. After crimping normally, apply heat to activate the heat shrink. The low melt solder will flow into the connection. This provides the best possible connection - no loss of conductivity and is stronger than the wires themselves.

Our Heat Shrink Terminals have been adhesive-lined to seal the connection. The translucent tubing allows for visual inspection. Terminals provide maximum contact and tensile strength after crimping. These terminals are constructed from pure copper (Alloy 110), annealed & electro tin plated. Electro Tin plating provides exceptional corrosion resistance. Insulator sleeve is color-coded for wire size and identification

Size: 12-10 AWG - Yellow - 4 pieces