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Freightliner Century/Columbia smoke plastic ventalator rain deflector - PAIR

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Fits all year model Freightliner Century, Columbia, and Coronado trucks. NOTE: these are manufactured with North American trucks in mind, and are generally not compatible with Australian or other models with right hand drive.

If you have a passenger's side door mounted spot mirror, you will have to loosen the mounting bracket or remove the mirror before installing these. Fits trucks with NON high-visibility door (only fits trucks equipped with vent window).

Includes double-stick tape for easy mounting. Mounts to the outside of the cab, not inside the door channel.

Made of smoke-tinted acrylic, our ventshades cover the top of open windows and fully extend down the front of the window. They let fresh air into the cab - even during bad weather - helping drivers stay alert, reducing window fog and lowering interior temperatures while vehicle is parked.

  • Lets fresh air into the cab, even during bad weather
  • Helps drivers stay alert, reduces window fog
  • Covers open window top and down vent pillar
  • Also available for high visibility doors and door/cab-mount mirror

Please Note: This manufacturer provides generic images for their products. Each product is custom fit for the truck listed, and therefore may vary from the image.