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Dual Revolution Amber/Red/Green 38 diode square LED fender marker/turn signal/auxiliary light

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One side of this light is amber, the other red. There are diodes on both outside-facing ends, so the same light can be used for either driver's side or passenger's side. When the Dual Revolution wiring is activated, all faces burn green. Lenses are CLEAR when off. The face of the light measures 4-5/8" square, with a depth of 1.5". The overall height including the two mounting posts is 6-1/2". Sold SINGLE.

Hard-wired with four plain wires - one ground, which powers all three colors (amber, red, and green); one hot, which powers the marker function for both the amber and red sides; one turn signal, which powers the turn signal function for both the amber and red sides; and one auxiliary wire, which turns both sides green when powered. The green light is a single function, only!

Please note: On all Dual Revolution Green and Purple lights, some color variation may occur as there is no DOT standard for these colors. All colors have been photographed to the best of our ability to reflect the way that each color looks in person. However, due to variances in computer monitors, there may be slight differences.