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18-8 gauge red/yellow soft vinyl twist connector - 4 pieces

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Premium Soft Vinyl Twist Connector is capable of connecting two or more wires together in a pigtail application.  The connector is constructed of an active spring and a steel shell covered by a vinyl insulator. The spring has a corrosion resistant coating. The connector has a maximum operating temperature of 105°C (221°F). Voltage Rating: 600Volts maximum for bundling wire & 1,000Volts maximum in signs, fixtures & luminaries.

Red/Yellow - Max 5 x 12AWG, Min 2 x 18 AWG

Installation Instructions

  1. Strip wire insulation 5/8" (15,9 mm) for 22-16 AWG or 1/2" (12,7 mm) for 14-12 AWG.
  2. Firmly grasp wires making sure the ends are even and tightly bundled (wires may be twisted or not twisted). Lead stranded wires slightly. Slip the connector over wire tips.
  3. Turn the connector onto the wires in a clockwise direction until secure.
  4. To remove, turn connector clockwise.