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Granny Lorine's Extra-Special Truck Polishing Rags

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If you've ever visited our store, you have probably met Dennis' Mother-in-Law, Lorine. What we bet you didn't know is that Dennis used to raid her old bath towels to polish his truck with, leaving her with no rags for housecleaning!

So, to stop Dennis from using all of her rags, she got the idea to give him a supply of his own. Turns out, a new terry cloth rag polishes a truck even better than an old, raggedy one, so Dennis loved his new rags. Now, he's persuaded Lorine to share her secret rags with the rest of the world.

She bundles each roll by hand, often whistling a little tune as she goes. She uses only the highest quality terry cloths, because she knows how important it is for a truck to look his or her best.

So throw away those old bath towels and save your blue shop towels for grease spots.

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