4" round chrome plastic light bezel w/shine-through mirror coating

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The special coating on this bezel covers the light completely, making it appear to be chrome when the light is off. When the light is lit, it shines through the coating as if nothing was there! Keep in mind that the "mirror" portion of this bezel is glass and will break if hit by rocks or other debris.

PLEASE NOTE: This bezel will only work with 4" round lights that fit flush with the mounting grommet. Any light that sticks out from the grommet will not fit this bezel. Examples of lights that will not fit include any 4" round Spyder style light.


This product is intended solely for the purpose of decorative or off-road use. Check laws and/or regulations in your state, county, and/or municipality regarding installation and use of this product.This bezel slightly reduces the luminosity of the light it covers. Due to the reduction in luminosity, the mirror bezel is for show & off-road use only.