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Roadworks liquid metal polish and sealant - 12 fl oz bottle

SKU 14503
Roadworks' metal polish smells so great, you'll want to put it on your skin - BUT PLEASE DON'T! Unlike most polishes that smell like dirt, this polish smells like your girlfriend's coconut tanning lotion. We always joke that guys love their trucks more than women, and with a dose of this polish, it might actually come true.

Rub your truck down with Roadworks metal polish and she'll feel like the belle of the ball. Or is it the belle of the truck show? In either case, this polish smells awesome and gives great results. Shiny and smellin' good - your truck will love it!

  • Shake well before use, and occasionally during application.
  • Do not rub in a circular motion. Rub in a linear motion - up and down or side to side ONLY.
  • Do not use on metals with any type of overcoat. Do not use on precious or soft metals (gold, silver, etc.)
  • Do not ingest. Harmful or fatal if swallowed.
  • Apply to the surface and polish until it turns dark. Let the polish haze and dry for 60 to 90 seconds, then remove with a dry cloth.
  • Formulated for Chrome, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Brass.
  • Formerly known as "Mojo" metal polish.