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Flatline red 4" round 49 diode LED turn signal - CLEAR lens

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We're not saying that this light is perfect, but with this slick chrome face and low profile, we won't argue if you say it is. The Flatline stop/turn/tail light feels right at home on your rear bumper, mudflap hangers, or even a T-bar.

An added bonus feature that many people overlook with these lights is that they can be turned - so the horizontal lines of light become vertical or even diagonal. Just another way to personalize your truck!

  • Hard-wired with one three-prong female plug, connected to the back of the light by a few inches of wire
  • 12 volt
  • Dual function

  • 49 Red diodes across 7 rows
  • Clear lens
  • This light is RED when lit.

  • Fits in any standard 4" round rubber grommet