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Crystal 7" diameter round headlamp w/white 34 diode LED marker lights

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These headlights would be a major upgrade on their own, but the additional "halo" style auxiliary lights really put them over the top. With 17 white diodes on either side of the center bulb, they're a super bright, super classy addition to any truck.

Headlamp ONLY, as pictured. Reinforced multi-surfaced, aluminum reflector, anti-vibration design. Halogen bulb: HB2/9003 12V 65/55W, replaces H6017/H6024. HB2/9003 Halogen headlight meets DOT/SAE standards. The LED portion of this light is for auxiliary/utility purposes ONLY. Sold SINGLE.

Each single-function white LED light has separate wiring. They can be hooked up with your clearance lights, to come on with your headlights, or on a separate switch altogether.