Fast Flap stainless steel quick release mudflap hangers

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If there was ever a product to revolutionize the way the nation's truckers handle the irritation and annoyance of constant mudflap maintenance, Fast Flap is that product.

Heading to a work site, where you just know you're going to tear up a mudflap? With traditional mudflap hangers, temporary mudflap removal means you have to remove a handful of bolts, keep up with them, then reinstall them when you put the flaps back on the truck later. With Fast Flap, the only tool you need is one high-quality flathead screwdriver.

And if you don't anticipate tearing a mudflap off, and one gets yanked anyway? No problem! While Fast Flap is strong enough to hold your flaps on, it is able to gently release a flap without damaging it. Just pop that puppy back in place, and you're ready to roll again.

One set includes four brackets - two per mudflap. Each set will mount two 1/4" or 3/8" thick commercial grade rubber mudflaps. Mudflaps NOT INCLUDED.