Grommets, Flanges, and Grommet Covers

Chrome Light Grommet Covers and Security Flanges

Add a polished look to your exterior lights with chrome or stainless steel bezels to help blend them into their light panels. Hide those ugly black rubber grommets with some of our grommet covers - starting at just $1.39 each! We even stock chrome bezels for most of our pedestal-style marker and turn signal lights. Our chrome grommet covers are available in all of the different standard grommet-mount light sizes - 2" round, 2.5" round, 4" round, oval, and rectangular. These pieces are cheap enough that you don't have to worry about them falling off or the finish wearing off in the weather. Keep a couple of spares handy and your truck will always look its best. All of our chrome grommet covers are available with or without a visor. We even carry the Stealth chrome grommet covers, which are revolutionary because they mount without those tiny little screws! They are a breeze to install, especially since you don't have to hunt down a screwdriver.

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