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Mack trucks are some of the most recognizable trucks on the road. Even people with no trucking background know the Mack as the “bulldog truck.” According to Mack, British soldiers during World War I nicknamed the truck the "Bulldog Mack", because they said it had "the tenacity of a bulldog." With their history and reputation for heavy duty use and dependability, they’re just as popular today as they have ever been. They are generally not seen as a “show truck” style, but rather a rugged “big dog” meant to take punishment from the road and carry heavy loads. But, as we all know, every truck really wants to look good. Our selection of chrome and stainless steel accessories for Mack trucks is limited compared to other models, but they are still a great truck to decorate. Add cab and sleeper lights and a shiny new bugshield for a radical makeover, or just a few small stainless steel door handle trims and surrounds.
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