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Peterbilt 379 Chrome Toggle Switch Extensions - With or Without Jewels

Toggle switch extensions are probably the oldest form of dressing up your truck dash known to man. Anyone who ever crawled into daddy or grandpa's truck as a tot remembers those sparkly, glittery plastic toggle switch extensions that were once the height of truck fashion. Although that classic style is still available, most drivers have largely moved on to the more modern and sleek chrome styles, either with a point or jewel on the end. Like our other popular dash chrome accessories, you can match the jewel color of your chrome toggle switch extensions to the other jeweled pieces on your dash. Alternately, you could go with a pointed toggle switch style for most of your switches, and reserve the jewels for switches that you wish to highlight, so they stand out from other switches that you may use less.

Drivers love these chrome toggle switch extensions. For most trucks, they come in different lengths to fit your preference or to go behind a switch guard. Plus, they're not that expensive so if you're starting a new dash or doing your first truck ever, it's not going to break the bank to make your dash a little nicer to look at. And let's face it - you're going to be spending a lot of hours looking at that dash, so you want it to look at least halfway decent. Ideally, you'd like it to be quite pretty and shiny, but that's not always realistic in today's economy. Jeweled dash products are available in blue, clear, green, purple, red, and amber.
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