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Kenworth Chrome and Jeweled Dash Screws

Our Kenworth chrome dash screws fit various year models of trucks. They are available with or without colored jewels. Our jewel colors include amber, blue, clear, green, purple, and red. Use the jeweled version to match your interior, show off your favorite colors, or support your preferred sports team! Or, go with a non-jeweled screw for a minimalist, clean chrome dash look. Most chrome dash screw styles are available in singles or in packs of 2 or more. Either way, the extra shine will brighten your trip down even the worst of roads. Replacing your dash screws can be a great start to your dash overhaul project. If you're just looking to add a little shine, they're an excellent option for that as well.

Our chrome dash screws don't just look great, they're extremely easy to install as well. Most of the time, you won't even need any tools to install them! Just loosen your existing screws (with a screwdriver if needed) and these will screw back in place using your fingers. If you're looking for a cheaper option or don't want to permanently replace your screws, try some of our chrome snap caps that fit over the existing dash screw.

Don't forget, if you like the way your jeweled dash screws look, we also have matching gauge covers and toggle switch extensions! The wide variety of products we stock in our dash accessories section means you can spend as little or as much as you want to make your dash look great. Get just a few pieces to highlight specific gauges or switches that you use often, or go whole hog and buy every part available for your dash!
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