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Freightliner Classic/FLD Chrome and Stainless Steel Visors

A new stainless steel sunvisor can completely change the looks of your truck. Along with changing your grill and your bumper, we always advise customers that if you really want to make your truck look like new, changing the sunvisor is a great investment. There are endless possibilities for your visor – pick a style with marker light holes, louvers, or ribs for a unique and unusual look, or go with a more traditional blank stainless steel sunvisor for a classic look. We carry all the most in-demand styles of visors, from bowties to monster drops to gangster. Our stainless steel sunvisors are also available in a wide range of lengths, from short 11" visors that cover about the same amount of windshield as your stock visor, to huge 15" and 17" sunvisors that cover a lot of your windshield.
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