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Kenworth T2000 Stainless Steel Exterior Truck Products

Washington-based Kenworth is one of the oldest and most well-known truck manufacturers in the U.S. With plants in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Australia, they're a world-wide favorite as well. Many of our Aussie customers favor the Kenworth W900. The recognizable "keyhole" logo is a symbol of pride for many drivers, and we like to make it easier for those men and women to keep their truck maintained and lookin' good. Several hundred of our products for Kenworth trucks are manufactured domestically, and we also have a huge selection of imported pieces. Whether money is no option, or mama's got you on a tight budget, chroming our your KW will be a snap with our diverse inventory.

The exterior of the Kenworth T2000 is renowned for being an extremely aerodynamic truck. The unique body shape is similar to Peterbilt's 387, but with some Kenworth-specific changes.

Whichever model Kenworth you drive or dream of driving, we've got plenty of chrome options for you. Grab a couple pieces at a time, or take the week off and install every piece and every light you've ever wanted!
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