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White 12" 60 diode LED glow strip light

White 12" 60 diode LED glow strip light

The trucking industry has been waiting many years for an under glow lighting solution just like this one! Trux Accessories' Glow Strip under-glow lighting system features tape-mount LED light strips tested and intended for exterior use. Each section is tape mount, but also includes optional bolt-on mounting clips for extra security.

Glow Strips are available in 12", 24", and 48" lengths (some colors by special order - Contact us for more information). For each foot, you'll get a whopping 60 (SIXTY) diodes. That's 60 diodes for a 12" strip, 120 diodes for a 24" strip, and 240 diodes for a 48" strip!! The different strips can be linked together in a snap, thanks to foolproof dual male .180 bullet plugs on each end. All you need to provide is the female connectors, shown as related items.
White 12" LED glow strip light - center shine
Center Shine
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White 12" LED glow strip light - side shine
Side Shine
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