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Belmor Stainless Steel and Acrylic Bug Deflectors and Ventalators

Belmor has been the leading manufacturer of stainless steel bug shields and ventalators for years. Their selection of different styles to fit dozens of trucks is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer in the market today. Their offerings include the Aeroshield II - the most popular shield on the road today, it deflects bugs and debris for a clearer line of sight. The polycarbonate shield is permanently set into a heavy-duty aluminum extrusion that bolts securely to the hood. Polished aluminum endcaps wrap around the sides for a custom fit.

And of course there is the Ventalator, loved by drivers of trucks of all shapes and sizes - made of smoke-tinted acrylic, Belmor's aerodynamic Venta-lators cover the top of open windows and fully extend down the vent pillar. They let fresh air into the cab - even during bad weather - helping drivers stay alert, reducing window fog and lowering interior temperatures while vehicle is parked. Styles fit most popular makes and models including those with high visibility doors and door/cab-mounted mirrors.
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