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Chrome Pedestal Turn Signal Light Bezels

Our chrome pedestal light bezels will fit a large variety of our LED and incandescent turn signals. We carry a bezel to fit almost all of our lights. Choose a bezel with a visor to help direct the light in a particular direction, or stick with a simpler visor-free style just to add a little bling to the light. The chrome bezels with visors even come in several styles of their own to match the way your light has been mounted. Have some turn signals mounted to the side of your bumper? No problem - use a visor that has been specially manufactured so that the visor fits at the top of the light instead of on the side like most standard visors. We even carry light bezels that will display the visor when the light is mounted upside down, on your mirrors or maybe even on the bottom of your bumper.

Many of our chrome pedestal light bezels are manufactured to only fit a specific light style or a group of light styles. Be careful when buying these bezels to ensure you purchase a bezel that will fit your chosen light! If you have any questions about compatibility, contact us and we'd be glad to help.

Our pedestal lights come in several different sizes and shapes, so our bezels do too. Whether you've got a 4" round turn signal, a 3" round marker light, a square turn signal on your fender, or even an unusual rectangular shape, we have a chrome bezel for it. Our pedestal light bezels will fit almost any LED or incandescent light that we carry.
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