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Chrome and Stainless Steel Specialty Light Surrounds

Many of our lights are so unique that they can't be categorized. Usually, that makes them very popular among our customers, so the demand for chrome bezels and surrounds for those particular lights increases as well. Some of these lights are made specific to one truck, like the Freightliner Century LED sleeper wing turn signal. Others are more abstract and are meant to be used anywhere you can imagine, like the always popular amber teardrop-style LED turn signal light. These lights don't have to suffer from chrome withdrawal syndrome just because they're fancier than your standard 2" round lights and don't have a grommet to cover. We carry good-looking chrome and stainless steel surrounds for our stylized lights as well. These pieces are cheap enough that you don't have to worry about them falling off or the finish wearing off in the weather. Keep a couple of spares handy and your truck will always look its best.
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