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Headlights - Replacement Bulbs, Bezels, Housings, and More

As a professional driver, you know that having your headlights in tip-top shape is important. Sometimes loads will have you driving to get there all night long, and waiting all day to load. Having bright, crisp headlight bulbs can make all the difference between safe driving and the possibility of not seeing an object or damage in the road and causing or being involved in an accident. We have all the most popular headlight bulb styles for your big rig truck. Whether you prefer a more traditional yellow-tinted white light or the increasingly popular "icy blue" European-look bulbs, we probably have it in your required size. Our different bulb sizes and styles include H4, 9007, and more. We also carry all of the most common wattages.

If you're looking to remodel your hood with an entirely different headlight look completely, we've got a large selection of different single headlights, from a traditional "bullet" style to the brand-new Zephyr, with a built-in LED turn signal bubbling up from the top of the housing. We also carry the classic and ever-popular Double JJ style headlight brackets, which are great for both single and double round style headlights. Use them with your existing lights or go all out and buy a completely new setup to really get your truck looking great.

In addition to our complete replacement setups for your headlights, we also carry dozens of different headlight bezel or visor options. Maybe you want to add some shine to your hood, hide a busted paint job, or help direct the light emitted by your headlights to aid your nighttime visibility. Our stock of visors and bezels can help you do any of those things, or all at once. Some headlight bezels are truck-specific, for example the unique shape of the Freightliner Century's headlight and turn signal bezel, while others are the same across several different models - like the Peterbilt 379 and Freightliner Classic's dual rectangular headlights.
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